What We Do

The McGill University Quarter Scale Tractor Pulling Team; also known as µtrac (Mutrac); is a newly developed team on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University that was formed by fourteen Bioresource Engineering Students in 2011. The goal of µtrac is to demonstrate and develop the knowledge obtained in the Bioresource Engineering courses, as well as gain valuable experience in a ‘real life’ situation by constructing a tractor, analysing costs and promoting the idea to a market.

Teams from McGill University had participated in the Quarter-Scale Tractor Competition from 2000 to 2005 inclusively. As rules have changed, technology has evolved and as very few functional parts from the last tractor from McGill University have been found, it is practically impossible to gain any knowledge from the past teams. Thus, even if there is a history of McGill participation in the Quarter Scale Tractor Pulling Competition, it was decided to start fresh and develop a brand new concept.

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