MH Series

MH - 1

All new hydro-static transmission, four-wheel drive system, locking front and rear differential, hydraulic disk brakes, independent front suspension.

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MR Series

Mr - 19

All-new four-wheel drive system, locking differential, hydraulic disk brakes, electronic CVT, independent front suspension.

MR-19 User Manual


Mr - 18

Two-wheel drive, hydraulic disk brakes, electronic CVT, independent front suspension and the addition of a new electronic control system sponsored by Danfoss, won several awards including Manufacturability, Serviceability, Craftsmanship and second place overall for marketing presentation

MR-18 User Manual


MR - 17

Development of testing procedure, improved reliability, refurbished Stuska dynamometer, conceptualization and 3D CAD drawing of pulling sled, welcoming 60th student to join the team since September 2011.

MR-17 User Manual


MR - 15

Two-wheel drive tractor, new compound steering option, variable sensitivity steering and variable speed ballast, first powder-coat paint, 9th place overall and 3rd-place presentation.

MR-15 User Manual

MR-15 Specifications


MR - 14

Two-wheel drive tractor, dynamic ballast system, first onboard computer, drive-by-wire steering, push-start ignition, RFID identification, 15th place overall.

MR-14 User Manual

MR-14 Specifications


MR - 13

Everybody had to learn SolidWorks, mechanical front wheel drive, no electronics, rookie of the year award and 13th place overall

MR-13 Specifications


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