Before We Hit the Drawing Board Again

We would like to welcome all of our friends, family and peers to µtrac 2013, McGill University ‘s tractor pulling team.

This year’s µtrac council will be run by our Captain, Frederic Rene-Laforest and two Vice-Captains, Antoine Pouliot and Quinn Burke Anderson. Our Faculty Advisor for the coming year will be Mr. Samson Sotocinal.  To date we have had a couple of meetings and are encouraged by the excitement and eagerness of everybody. Take a look at the Team section for a complete listing of the members.

We were amazed last year to see how helpful everyone was, and we were incredibly impressed with the level of sophistication of the other teams’ tractors. We figured out that we need a lot more organization and manpower to be competitive in all of the components of the competition. It is extremely challenging, but very rewarding. You can easily see how much passion the planning committee puts into organizing and coordinating the competition. It would have been very difficult to compete without the help of so many of the other teams; we can’t thank them enough.

We are looking forward to next year’s competition and hope to improve our performance with our new knowledge and experience.

The µtrac 2013 team